WOPiXX Installation – Error TIM is expired

WOPiXX Installation – Error TIM is expired

When installing WOPiXX with TIM (Toolmaker Installation Manager) I receive an error message that TIM is expired. For example, GO TIM and chose menu option 1. What do I do?

TIM either has not been used for many months or could not update itself and is out of date. An update is required.


  1. GO TIM
  2. Option 25
  3. Follow the link and download the TIM executable and install using a PC.
  4. Before installation, exit the TIM menu.


These instructions are also valid if TIM is corrupted.



  1. GO TIM
  2. Option 5
  3. If the parameter OVR_EXPIRY exists change it to the current date or press F6.
  4. Parameter: OVR_EXPIRY
  5. Value: 20150113 (actual date format YYYYMMDD)




ParameterName    Value
OVR_EXPIRY        20150113

Then use menu option 21 Download Toolmaker Info Files. As long as using FTP over the Web is possible, TIM will automatically update.