Technology & Programming Examples

Technology & Programming Examples




Programmers obtain enhanced functionality in RPG and COBOL with the RPG Web Extensions / WOPiXX function library. Sources can be edited with RDi or PDM and then compiled with option 14 as before. The result are normal IBM objects that run on any IBM i system where the WOPiXX function library is available. Batch programs are not affected by WOPiXX because they do not require interaction with the user.

The standard IBM delivered Apache web server is used to control the connection to the browser session of the user.


Development and history

The RPG Web Extensions technology has been proven and tested extensively. Toolmaker already created and successfully ran applications based on the RPG Web Extensions / WOPiXX technology on the i platform since 2011.

A good example of the possibilities and functionality that WOPiXX offers in the development of modern applications is the directarchive software, the DMS of Toolmaker.


 A variety of comfortable functions for the browser can be embedded with WOPiXX



The requirements for the security of web-based applications are high. Data and data streams are moved inside as well as outside the company’s internal firewalls and may never be compromised. For this reason, Toolmaker have undertaken tests with the IBM Rational App Scan, a comprehensive multi-day intrusion test that puts the security standards of web applications through its paces.

RPG Web Extensions passed this IBM test in an impressive manner. The IBM specialists stated: RPG Web Extensions / WOPiXX has no weak points; attacks on the IBM i system that could come from the web are excluded in total safety! IBM i applications created with WOPiXX can be safely used not only within the company, but also worldwide via the Internet.



Essential features are already integrated

RPG Web Extensions / WOPiXX comes with practical base applications that provide easier operation and use of the IBM i, eg. management of user profiles, passwords, subsystems, jobs, JOBQs, spool output, triggers, HTML display of spool files, system time matching, sending SMS, etc.



The WOPiXX standard integrated multilingual capability (currently available languages are English, German, French, Italian and Polish), the automatic multilingual user help, and Unicode support secure its capabilities in the international arena.


Touch applications for Smartphones and Tablets

Toolmaker developers are working on extending the RPG Web Extensions / WOPiXX library, so that modern touch applications can be implemented on smartphones and tablets. New possibilities open with WOPiXX Touch: The exchange of data between IBM i and mobile devices is made possible. Smartphone features like GPS tracking, barcode reading capability via Camera (Bluetooth), scanning functions, etc. pave the way to completely new interactive applications for Power i that were not previously possible.





Example of an application with WOPiXX Touch: Barcodes applied to stock objects or shelf goods can be read with iOS or Android devices and transmitted directly to the enterprise resource planning system on IBM i by a WOPiXX app. After the scan the enterprise resource planning system sends eg. a photo of the article, model and name to the smartphone for verification. The data can be used in the control center for real time stock balance or to create inventory lists.


Programming with RPG Web Extensions is impressively simple!



Change Mode: Comparison GreenScreen /WOPiXX 


List Program & RPG Source Code



List Program with filter - Address Master



 Filter defined with the SelectList and DependList Keywords      




  Define Buttons and Context Menu Items



Check Input / Error Handling