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In our support blog you will find descriptions and solutions of problems relating to the use of RPG Web Extensions / WOPiXX.  If you cannot find an appropriate solution, you can post your own blog question(s).


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Support for registered users with Support Contract

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How do the WOPiXX Apps function?


WOPiXX apps are usually business applications running on an IBM i system. The developer of a WOPiXX app can "export" the app on his system and upload it to the WOPiXX App Store - together with the description of the software and screenshots or videos. Once the app is uploaded, it will be reviewed by Toolmaker for completeness and operability. Furthermore, at a minimum, every app must be made available in English. If the criteria is met and the seller has signed a distribution agreement with Toolmaker, Toolmaker unlocks the app in the store.

How do I find out about new features in the WOPiXX development?


For everyone: Through announcements in the press, but for which neither the content nor the release date can be guaranteed.

Do you have to register for WOPIXX?


Toolmaker recommends that WOPiXX users register (only the company, no user data). Those who are not registered will receive an on-screen indication that they are running an unregistered copy and should register. The functionality is not affected. If the system is changed, the new system must be re-registered. When a system is taken out of service, the registration should be deregistered.

Warum bietet Toolmaker RPG Web Extensions / WOPiXX kostenlos an? Wo ist der Haken?


Toolmaker ist fest davon überzeugt, dass die IBM i Plattform die beste (stabil, sicher, günstig) aller Plattformen ist.

Woher erfahre ich von Neuerungen in der WOPiXX-Entwicklung?


Für alle: Durch Bekanntmachungen in der Presse, die aber weder garantiert werden können noch deren Erscheinungstermin gesichert ist.

Wie funktionieren WOPiXX-Apps?


WOPiXX-Apps sind in der Regel Business-Applikationen, die auf einem IBM i System laufen.

Brauchen WOPiXX-Anwendungen auf Dritt-Systemen eine Runtime-Lizenz?


WOPiXX benötigt keine Runtime-Lizenz, weil WOPiXX grundsätzlich auf keinem System eine Lizenz erfordert.