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RPG Web Extensions: A new Software tool for i Apps

firmenpresse (online) 07-03-2015

Up to 2014, whoever wanted to use modern “i applications” had to buy additional tools and invest in extra programming. Not any more: With RPG Web Extensions (WOPiXX), Toolmaker has developed a software tool that allows each and every RPG and COBOL programmer in the world to develop modern, browser-based applications. Modern HTML and javascript functions give you user friendly, interactive applications with the ease of use and intelligence of browser applications plus any additional functions possible on the web. The very best feature of WOPiXX however is: The whole set is completely free.

Toolmaker Jumps Into IBM i Web Development with WOPiXX

IT Jungle Newsletter Vol. 25, No. 45, Sept. 16, 2015

Toolmaker Advanced Efficiency, a German developer of software for the IBM i server, recently rolled out a new framework for developing Web applications that run on IBM i. The software, called WOPiXX, enables programmers to create new Web apps by leveraging their existing RPG skills, the company says.