WOPiXX Consultants

All consultants listed here are certified by Toolmaker. They have undergone and successfully passed an extensive certification process for RPG Web Extensions / WOPiXX. They are qualified to develop modern, Web-based applications on the basis of WOPiXX, and advise and support clients' application development.




Toolmaker Advanced Efficiency GmbH

Westendstraße 34

86916 Kaufering

Tel.: (+49) 08191-968-0

Fax: (+49) 08191-968-111
E-Mail: info(at)


Standard Software

IT Services

System Management

IBM Systems




PG Web Extensions / WOPiXX von Grund auf




Computer & Consulting GmbH
Karlsteiner Straße 26 – 28
21629 Neu Wulmstorf
Telefon: (+49) 04168 - 91 12 95
Fax: (+49) 04168 - 91 12 01
E-Mail:     info(at)


Merchandize Management
Sales Optimization
Document Management
Optimization of Operational Processes
Corporate Planning






CSI Software

Manfred Kuntz
Karlsbergstraße 142a
D-66424 Homburg-Saar

Ph: (+49) 06841 - 993 48 99
E-Mail:     info(at)


ILE-RPG, IBM Rational Software (WebSphere), IBM Rational Developer for i


PSA-und PPA-Personal Planning: Adminstration, Payroll Accounting and Controlling for Chains / Production

PSZ-Personnel Time, Administration, Payroll Accounting, Controlling and Access Control Employees

Wages / Salaries and Cost Accounting
Business Processes


Migration and Interfaces to SAP