Configuring WOPiXX for HTTPS

Configuring WOPiXX for HTTPS

I followed the instructions in the User Manual to establish a secure connection using HTTPS. The screenshots in the manual do not match what I see in my browser. How do I continue?

Even though it appears in the handbook that it is necessary to connect using HTTPS, in the beginning phase you can skip chapter 4.


As you can see through using the manual, the creation of a CA Certificate is a complex process which is quite difficult to master. Also, depending on IBM release, the screen display can change.

A secure connection internally is not necessarily required. Even when the user uses VPN with their browser to connect to WOPiXX, they will be in a secure environment.

If the business in a production environment requires using a HTTPS connection because of security concerns, please clarify the method with the Toolmaker Hotline.