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WOPiXX – Invalid program identifier (WXWRKLIBH)

When launcing the option to manage library lists after an upgrade installation of WOPiXX 2.10 using an older DirectWeb environment (1.50), this error is presented: Invalid Program Identifier. Error calling WXWRKLIBH. What do I do?

This can happen when the library DIRWEBCGI contains a duplicate program of an older version. In this case someone, possibly years ago, copied the program WXWRKLIBH into CGI-Bibl. The old object now disrupts the utilization of the function in the browser. Please delete the stated program in DIRWEBCGI. It can only exist in DIRWEB.


WOPiXX Installation – Error TIM is expired

When installing WOPiXX with TIM (Toolmaker Installation Manager) I receive an error message that TIM is expired. For example, GO TIM and chose menu option 1. What do I do?

TIM either has not been used for many months or could not update itself and is out of date. An update is required.


  1. GO TIM
  2. Option 25
  3. Follow the link and download the TIM executable and install using a PC.
  4. Before installation, exit the TIM menu.


These instructions are also valid if TIM is corrupted.



WOPiXX licensing is unclear

When setting the WOPiXX configuration parameter on the license page, the serial numbers are not available as the page doesn’t allow them to be saved. Where do I find the serial numbers?

A license or serial number is not required for WOPiXX, therefore, there is nothing to save on this page. Exceptions are if additional services require licensing such as Cryptography and PDF-TET functions.


After saving a page, this page will remain open. You can then change to another page. The file License_WOPIXX_02_serialnumber.txt in your documentation serves as your customer registration and ascertains your support level. WOPiXX itself is not dependent on this file.

Configuring WOPiXX for HTTPS

I followed the instructions in the User Manual to establish a secure connection using HTTPS. The screenshots in the manual do not match what I see in my browser. How do I continue?

Even though it appears in the handbook that it is necessary to connect using HTTPS, in the beginning phase you can skip chapter 4.


As you can see through using the manual, the creation of a CA Certificate is a complex process which is quite difficult to master. Also, depending on IBM release, the screen display can change.

A secure connection internally is not necessarily required. Even when the user uses VPN with their browser to connect to WOPiXX, they will be in a secure environment.

WOPiXX Installation – Error when restoring the SAV file

After starting the installation using TIM, using F10 in the status display an error appears when restoring the Install file. What do I do? Die Installation mittels TIM ist gestartet, zeigt jetzt aber unter F10 in der Statusanzeige an, dass ein Fehler beim Restore der Install.-Datei aufgetreten ist. Was ist zu tun?

Normally TIM would handle the error, delete the file and request a new download. If that does not happen and the Order is displayed in the ERROR status, do the following:


WOPiXX Installed – after which there is an error in DirectMail 5.28

I have installed WOPiXX using TIM (Toolmaker Installation Manager). Now, after I have installed the newest version of DirectMail 5.28, errors using some of the DirectMail commands such as resolution to object DWCHKAPP not possible or service program DWPMWRT not found appear. How do I resolve this?

If you use the following steps, the problem will be solved:

1.    Register either QSECOFR or *ALLOBJ-authorization


Alternatively, you can install the cumulative PTF 05 or higher from DirectMail 5.28. In both cases, all DirectMail commands (in *LIBL and DIRMAIL) will be set in the current library CURLIB on DIRWEB.

SQL – system error. Error Setting WOPIXX Environment

When starting WOPiXX for the first time after a successful installation, there is an error in the logon mask: “SQL-Systemfehler (SQL-SystemError). Error setting Wopix Environment”. In my research I found the following notice in DIRWEB CGI-Joblog: Resolution to object QICU not possible. Art and Subart X’0401’ What is QICU?

The following components appear to be missing on your system:

5770SS1 39 International Components for Unicode are missing in the Form of the QICU library (see GO LICPGM, menu option 10). This library provides the routines that interact with Unicode and is normally on all systems where SQL is used. This error manifests itself when SQL Unicode fields are used.


Please install the operating system component 39 using


menu option 11.

WOPiXX FTP download (TIM) no longer functions

I have installed TIM (Toolmaker Installation Manager) and the request for installation of WOPiXX has been issued, but it doesn’t work. After pressing F10 in TIM, the status indicator displays the error code ERRORRST by the CHECK_FILES function. How do I correct this error?

First check and see what version of TIM is displayed (left bottom). All version numbers before 2.10 no longer function because of access has changed to the FTP Server. TIM needs to be reinstalled. Follow the instructions below:


WOPiXX – DWUTFLPGM of type *SRVPGM not found

I can no longer login to my browser using DirectWeb/WOPiXX. A message saying DWUTFLPGM of type *SRVPGM in DIRWEBOLD is not found. Error setting Wopix Environment. I found the DWUTFLPGM program in DIRWEB however, it appears that it is an old reference. How can I resolve this problem?

WOPiXX contains functions that use a System API to return a table. It lies with user-defined functions (UDF = User Defined Function, sometimes designated as UDTF) that can directly call into SQL. That can only happen if you have already registered.


This happens automatically when restoring the related service programs. However, if a backup and restore happened or a copy of the programs were made into another library, the original registration remains and a new one will be added.


WOPiXX Installation – prerequisites not completed

When installing WOPiXX with TIM (Toolmaker Installation Manager) a warning is displayed that the Installation Prerequisites have not been completed. What do QVFYOBJRST and QJOBMSGQFL mean?

A system value for QVFYOBJRST controls the object installation. The required value is 1. You can change QVFYOBJRST to 1 by using CHGSYSVAL or WRKSYSVAL and option 2.


The system value for QJOBMSGQFL is set to *NOWRAP and compromises the installation such that the installation with full MSGQ will abort. The value must be changed to *WRAP or *PRTWRAP.


Other system values that could be incorrect at installation time are:

QFRCCVNRST should be set to 3 = objects implemented.

QALWOBJRST should be set to *ALL = all objects are saved.


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