directarchive - Browser-based Power-DMS for IBM i



  Vendor: Toolmaker
495,00 €/ 3 Users
           295,00 €/10 Users
           245,00 €/30 Users
           180,00 €/100 Users


Toolmaker Advanced Effciency GmbH
Westendstraße 34

D-86916 Kaufering

Contact: +49 (0)8191-968-0


Web intelligence, flexibility and comfort - at full performance

directarchive is an inexpensive and highly performant archive system with advanced functionality. Tailored for the small to middle sized company, directarchive is easy to implement and to administer.


Through modern browser technologies, directarchive can gain secure access to corporate information over HTTPS. The tiered rights management down to index level prevents data misuse. Additionally, an integrated protocol function records by whom and when a document was archived, viewed, mailed, faxed and printed – completely and over the document‘s entire life cycle in the archive system.


directarchive is inexpensive in terms of acquisition and operating costs: It doesn't need a PC environment; a Thin Client with an installed browser is all that is necessary to fully use its outstanding functional variety.



  • Highest performance at effective utilization of resources
  • Highly secure: precise & scalable rights management, automatic logging of access data
  • Powerful full text search
  • Fully operational in the 5250 environment
  • Extremely quick search function
  • International orientation: multi-lingual and unicode capable
  • Supports all document formats
  • Notes feature
  • Quick and simple implementation
  • Possible as a stand-alone solution
  • Moderately priced







"This document management system makes us really quick".

Wienand Braun,

Sophie Braun Schulbedarf GmbH



"Management decided to replace our previous DMS 'InfoStore' on the IBM i and use Toolmaker's modern browser-based directarchive. It was also important for us that archiving from Lotus Notes was part of the solution. In addition to various requirements one important prerequisite was that we automatically transfer the millions of documents of various types into the new directarchive. With the Infostore App Toolmaker delivered a well-structured solution. It handles the export from InfoStore and the import into directarchive perfectly and automatically.

Toolmaker's directarchive won the bid for several reasons: It only requires a browser instead of client installations and it is cheaper compared to other solutions.

Dieter Kehm, IT Manager
Wäschefabrik Kneer