Db2 Analysis: Helpful app for analyzing IBM i databases



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Today, companies of all sizes are confronted with massive amounts of data on their servers, which have to be managed. If you have to keep an IBM i database up and running and are responsible for its integrity, Db2 Analysis is a fine tool that makes this work much easier.


The Database Analysis App (abbreviated Db2 App) provides an easy-to-understand view of changes in IBM i database files. The Db2 App is interesting for all users of the IBM i platform who want to keep an eye on their system and protect themselves from surprises.


Knowing what is running in the database

The purpose of the app is to provide data and decision bases for:


  1. Using database files summarized in libraries and time periods
  2. Analysis of database accesses (reading/changing) on certain days and times
  3. Determine the size and growth of individual files (in records and MB)
  4. Provide data for easier analysis of program errors (unnecessary file accesses)
  5. Detection of files that are not used (space usage by corpses/copies)
  6. Select and deploy all relevant files for delta backup with directsync4i

Online help

Db2 Analysis is particularly user-friendly - with context-sensitive help - up-to-date help texts at the point where they are needed.